Construction Surveying

Construction surveying is an integral part of any construction project. A land survey can be used to determine the location or position of building corners, roads, sidewalks, utilities, highways, buildings, bridges, and other projects. Construction surveying can also be used to develop a plot plan, building and improvement layout, or an as-built verification. Land surveying may also be required by lending institutions or for code enforcements.

Land Surveying

Some construction surveying can involve topographic land surveying, GPS land survey, or photographic control to develop the base map. This can be used to create a plan for the project. The results of construction surveying can be seen on any road, building, or other man-made project. Construction surveying provides horizontal and vertical information that is necessary to ensure that surfaces and other objects line up as required. If you are in need of a land survey, contact Spurrier Land Surveying today!