Private Development Surveying

What do you do if you are building a house and want to determine where your property line ends? What happens when a neighbor wants to put up a fence and you are worried it lies on your land? How do you determine where legal boundary lines lie? A private development surveyor helps plan, direct, and conduct legal surveys of land to determine boundary lines of a property. Land surveyors use special equipment to analyze natural and man-made features of any land site. They then use their data and information collected to create plans, maps and navigation of that site. private development surveyorA land surveyor will record land depth, slope, distance, and elevation to survey a property. In addition, the information gathered by land surveying can help determine placement of utility lines, drainage pipes, or highways.

Private development surveyors are often consulted for disputes over where property lines lie. A land surveyor can conduct a boundary survey to determine the correct location of the property boundary and help end the dispute. At Spurrier Land Surveying, you can trust our team of skilled land surveyors to help you anytime you are in need of a private development surveyor.